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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Easter

I thought as it's Easter I'd post up some duck pictures. We incubated the eggs because Indian runners tend not to sit on the eggs themselves because the light levels in this country are too low.They nearly all hatched so I felt a proud Mum, turning the eggs every so often so the chicks inside don't get stuck to one side of the shell. It's always sad when one doesn't make it. You're not supposed to help them out of their shells because the process of tapping their way out strengthens their neck muscles and with such long necks later in life they do need to be able to hold them up. However I did help a couple on their way who just looked as if they'd given up with all that effort. Being a mother duck you have to introduce them to water to make them waterproof.  They are very funny when you put them in the bath and run the water(cold). They all end up looking like balls of wet cotton wool. Next time you put them in their waterproofing mechanism has kicked in and they swim around splashing and paddling fast with their little feet looking really pleased with themselves.
Easter ducklings waiting for water in the bath

Easter ducklings a few days old
 Last year at Easter the front garden looked like this. This year no sign of the Narcissi Thalia and Crown imperials that were nodding their heads and turning the garden into a Spring spectacle. And there's that magnolia in flower,
The garden at Easter last time!

Anyway - I wish you all a very Happy Easter and so does Beezle who if you look carefully is tucked away behind the miniature daffs,

Those naughty ducks running away from a huge chocolate egg one of them has just laid.

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