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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Blue nose day

this is what the seeds will turn into
Another freezing cold day so here are some pics to make us feel warm. Have just sowed some sweet pea seeds - luscious shades of shocking pinks - Henry Eckford a lovely orange/red and good old standby cupani. They are looking snug in their pots sitting on the warm incubator bed lucky things. If I could get in there too I would. This morning Beezle jumped into the car and turned on the heated seat button with his nose. So of course I had to turn mine on too. If I had a laptop I could go and sit in the car. Soon the sweet peas will fill the house with their fragrance and I'll stop thinking that my nose has gone blue and can take off these gloves I'm wearing to work the keyboard.

Beezle needing shade from all that sun
      It's a bit early for sowing other seeds but keen to bring on the summer borders I've also sown Cosmos Purity and Dazzler - another shocking pink which I'm growing for someone else but will sneak a few into my " pink border" if I get the chance to make one. They are already up - looking a bit leggy and taking up a lot of the dining table. I've had to put barbecue spears in the pots to stop the fierce cat Pocket(quarter Bengal) from jumping on them. I see a few necks have already been broken. The tomatoes (Gardener's Delight and Alicante) also vying for the weak light filtering in through the kitchen window. Last year I left the seedlings in the polytunnel and those naughty ducks(see below with guilty looks on their faces) ate them.
Running from the extreme heat

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