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Monday, 25 March 2013

Beezle turns to poetry.

Beautiful Beezle planning his next blog. 

Dog Blog

All you out there
I’d like to share
The hair and now

Of this dog.
This, -  my dog blog.
My feelings, asleep, infront of the log
about a catalogue of films by
my memo of bones and their various tastes

How I would save

 the ozone
How many squirrels and stuff
 I’ve chased.
A detailed account of my very best runs
My view on the economy.
Pensions, hedge funds…
My opinion of soap stars and bio-diversity
Why I slept through my owner’s
Wedding anniversary.
Why long walks can make me weary
My thoughts on the 9/11 conspiracy theory
My very interesting dialogue
With next door’s dog
How I bit the guitarist
Who used to play
 with the Trogs.

I hear that cats are now the new dogs.
So I’ll probably change it to
Dog’s mog blog.

Any feed backs?
To www world wide woof

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