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Monday, 27 May 2013

Pixie's Birthday

Today is Pixie's Birthday! She is three years old. She was born on the day that our old wolfhound Jai died so there is something serendipitous about it. As if Jai's soul had re-emerged in this tiny black puppy up in Scotland. Wolfhounds don't live long, their hearts can't cope with their size as well as they can in a smaller dog, so we only had Jai for seven years. She had been a gift to us as a puppy and all I can say is that once you have shared your home with a wolfhound you never want to be without one. 

The birthday girl Pixie when she was smaller

Jai Jemima
There are some downsides to them of course. Because they are so large they can reach most things if they take a fancy to a little snack. Jai in particular adored food and anything related to it. She used to watch Ready Steady Cook, her head resting snugly in the dip on the back of the sofa which she had chewed away, and the first book she ate was a Nigel Slater recipe book. When we first had her my old mother was living with us. She didn't like dogs and thought that Jai was "unnecessary" However Jai saved her from what could have been a nasty fall incorporating weeks in hospital and a hip re-placement. One day when she was trying to get to the telephone - she fell over. Just before she hit the floor, Jai rushed between her legs and carried her off round the table like she were a knight returning from the crusades.

 I remember the day we buried the guinea pig. We had a ceremonious burial and Jai joined us, sitting quietly by the graveside as we sang Cumb-By-Ya - and you knew darn well she was thinking when they've all gone I can dig that guinea pig up.
The baby Pixie

Remembering Jai

So to-day we are celebrating Pixie, who also has an unswerving interest in consumables.
Friend, clown, confident, companion, associate and sous-chef.

I am still undecided as to what to do with the ducks. (see previous post.)Those Sumo wrestling boys seem such good friends and the girls appear to be unfussed not having a male around. Maybe I'm being too traditional or too anthropomorphic. They'd probably be a lot happier not being pestered by a hot blooded male duck. When a friend of mine left her husband, instead of getting another one she got herself a large, flat screened T.V. It sat smartly in the corner, how you might like a husband to be and kept her well informed. She laughed at its jokes and she could turn it off whenever she pleased. Sometimes it would stare blankly at her over the breakfast table but it didn't go out for long drinks with the boys (or other T.V's).
Perhaps I should just get the girls a the duck house.
Happy Birthday Pixie

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  1. Happy Birthday Pixie...I am so happy you have such a wonderful life xx