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Sunday, 5 May 2013

At last

At last the blossom has arrived on the Prunus shirotae - heralding that Spring is well and truly here and summer just round the corner. The hammock in this picture is a symbol of wishful thinking. I have put a few seats around the garden too but heaven knows why - I never give myself the chance to sit in them.

The Prunus shirotae

 And at last the tulips are out as well. The Parrot tulips are looking magnificent as are all those pink ones I ordered.  I was trying to do a pink tulip trial and because of those naughty ducks removing all the labels to line their nests with I have no idea if they are Ollioules, Gabriella or Menton. The same thing happened last year with my dark dahlia trial. Yes, I should tie the labels on.

Ollioules, Gabriella or Menton

At last the grass has arrived too. I can move the horses to better pastures. And mow the lawn.


Pile the bodies high at Austerlitz and Waterloo, shovel them under and let
me work - I am the grass; I cover all.
And pile them high at Gettysburg and pile them high at Ypres and Verdun.
Shovel them under and let me work. Two years, ten years, and passengers ask
the conductor: What place is this? Where are we now?
I am the grass. Let me work.

Carl Sandburg.

 As I am writing this blog, one of the naughty ducks has decided to come into the house. They like to splash around in the dogs' water bowl and wander around. No one seems to mind but me who has to clean up after them. Pixie and Beezel  accept it as a matter of course and the cats just yawn. They came in when the man was mending the washing machine a few months ago. He had his back to them and he nearly jumped out of his skin and dropped his spanner when they pecked him on the leg. Now its Spring the two male ducks in the garden are having wrestling matches to see who is the most dominant. They started off as three males all living happily together in the back garden, then one died and the other two continued their friendship, following each other around quite amicably. But when Spring comes they become like little feathered Sumo wrestlers and as they are both alpha males they stay embraced for ages, each one trying to climb onto the back of the other. I tried to introduce some female ducks but they ran away! When they are not locked together they like to peck the back of my legs as I walk (run now)across the garden. I am considering wearing leather trousers.
one of the naughty ducks checkingout what's on the breakfast menu

about to sumo

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