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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

who let the cats out?

Had a fantastic day at the East Sussex Book Awards.

The presentation for my book The Dog, Ray began with a rocking version of "Who Let the Dogs Out?" (thank you Henry). There was dissension in the ranks when I reported back home and the cats (mainly the ring leader Pocket (quarter Bengal) said "What about us cats? You always write about the dogs." " But,"I said, "I am in the middle of writing a book about a Cat."

 After a scuffle I agreed to put some pictures up. We couldn't find any of Nancy so they are all of Pocket {quarter Bengal}

 I don't normally discuss family or politics on the blog but here is Pixie running through a field of wheat. (those aware of  the Maybot will know of her misdemeanours when she was young. those who aren't might just enjoy the beautiful photo taken by Chloe Coggin.)

Whilst we are on the subject of Pixie - her very interesting fact is that cats have thirty two muscles in each ear. A fact I am using in my new book that features a Cat.

On the duck front these two fellas are still in love and in the poly area two of the females are sitting on eggs. One has nine eggs the other two. Trouble is the gestation period is 28 days and we are on day 29. I'm not sure if ducks can count.

 Here is Pixie waiting for the postman. I told her the Postman Always Rings Twice. (clever literary reference.) She tells me that was in 1934 and that things have changed. Postman now only knock once.

 But as Beezle and Chaucer would say "Time and Tide wait for no one."

A Cat
by Edward Thomas
She had a name among the children;
But no one loved though someone owned
Her, locked her out of doors at bedtime
And had her kittens duly drowned.
In Spring, nevertheless, this cat
Ate blackbirds, thrushes, nightingales,
And birds of bright voice and plume and flight,
As well as scraps from neighbours’ pails.
I loathed and hated her for this;
One speckle on a thrush’s breast
Was worth a million such; and yet
She lived long, till God gave her rest.

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