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Saturday, 18 January 2014

bucking cows

 I don't want to harp on about the weather and all the rain we are still having so I've posted up another picture of hyacinths as they seem so cheering. The two on the outside with Miss Saigon in the middle. are called Woodstock. And with Woodstock in mind- and all the rain - as Beezle and Bob Dylan would say

Come gather round people
wherever you roam
Admit that the waters
Around you have grown.
Accept it that soon
you'll be drenched to the bone.

 My seed packets have arrived for the annual display. I'm going to try planting up a pink meadow for a client, using these Cosmos double click Cranberry flowers and some lovely pale pink dahlias. I should really get going and start sowing the seeds but it's so grim outside that if I were a seed I'd rather remain in the packet - even if I were going to be put on a heated bench in a cold greenhouse.
It's raining in the house now too as there's a leak in the glass roof.

I jet skied down the road the other day in my car to encounter a pair of laughing cows who had escaped from a neighbouring field. They looked so funny, just like a pair of naughty school girls. A wearied looking youth in large waders was trying to get them back in the field but they would have none of it and they snorted and bucked together as if joined at the hip. I was tempted to get out and wave my red cloak that I keep on the back seat but fortunately a car came the other way and they were sandwiched between the two of us. They were returned to their field, their heads lowered with remorse, looking as if they'd just been caught having a quick fag behind the bike sheds.
This gives rise to my proverb of the week.
"He's all hat and no cattle."
 Prince Pocket trying out his superiority on an Ugg boot in his newly proclaimed principality.
 Nancy hoping Prince Pocket will think she's a film star and later propose to her.

You can tell not much has happened in the Ark this week.

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