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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The cart

I think I must change the title of my blog to gardens, dogs, poetry and WEATHER as I seem to mention it rather a lot.  But when you are dealing with gardens and walking dogs, it does dictate. Of course I could just stay in and write poetry I suppose and not mention the Weather -but now I am I just want to say how wrong I was about the Heatwave! I don't know who told me it was going to be hot but it was not true and I haven't seen a single bee. Still some of the plants arrived to-day for planting out new borders for people and I've got the summer flowering bulbs to put in too. I'm doing a bed of Acidanthera murielae for someone, my favourite summer flowering bulb if we're not counting dahlias which aren't bulbs anyway. I am planting them en masse with Verbena bonarienses. They'll be out about the same time and should look good echoing the other bed(see next picture)which has lots of Eupatorium atropurpureum in, another plant which I love using as a backdrop. You can see them in the picture towering above everything else

Acidanthera murielae

Eupatorium atropurpureum towering at the back

Got the cart out in readiness to take Harry out across the fields. It's an old wooden milk cart from the thirties, when farmers used to leave their churns at the end of their roads. It's a real off-road vehicle which is great up here because it means we can go round the fields without fear of toppling over. Harry is fantastic in the cart, he trots long with his ears pricked and nothing fazes him. The big beautiful Trude, who after all is a Friesian and made for pulling carriages(especially funeral carriages when they wear those black plumes on their heads) would be rubbish at it. Everything, even cow parsley waving in the verge, makes her jump. They do wear blinkers of course, but apparently that's to stop them turning round and seeing they're pulling a cart. They're quite happy pulling one they just don't want to see it.
Because of this useful information I wrote Harry a poem.

Harry and the cart


Harry - you look so smart
Pulling the new cart
the cart which I bought from Exchange and
Each day we depart in the cart
Into the heart of darkness and beyond
In the cart we chart new territories
In the cart we're never apart
And Harrys says
"Cart? What cart?" 

Beezle pretending he's not around so he doesn't have to go in the cart.

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